Directed by Yanni Kronenberg.
Filmed by Yanni Kronenberg & Josh Heath.

What Do You Say? feat. Mark Kozelek

Directed by Stephanie Day.
Filmed by Jack Saltmiras.
Starring Gabby Dillon & Stefan Rusbourne.

What I Thought Of You

Directed by Yanni Kronenberg (2011)
Filmed by Laerte Agnelli, Jarbas Agnelli & Ulisses Agnelli (Brazil) from ‘Super 8 – 1974’ by Jarbas Agnelli; Richard Baines (UK); CJ Brabant (Canada); Melanie Brown (USA); Christos Polychronopoulos (Greece); Carlos F. Enriquez (USA); Jared Foster (USA); Duncan Gidney (Canada); Ivan Ivanin (Sweden, Ukraine); Yanni Kronenberg (Australia); Lutz Michen (Germany); Lloyd Mitchell (Australia) – courtesy of Lee Davis; Joseph McKernan (United Kingdom); Dögg Mósesdóttir (Iceland); James Parker III (USA); Dennis Sheppard (USA) from ‘Born Yesterday’ by Maxine Sheppard; Dario Srbic (Austria); Holly Throsby (Australia).

Here Is My Co-Pilot

Directed by Heath Davis (2010)
Starring & choreographed by Anne Chestnut & Avril Chestnut.

Would You? feat. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy

Featuring Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy.
Directed by Mike Daly (2009)

Making A Fire

Directed by Yanni Kronenberg (2006)

‘We’re Good People But Why Don’t We Show It?’

Directed by Mike Daly (2005)

Things Between People

Directed by Yanni Kronenberg (2004)