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“This is a masterful novel. Throsby has a feel for small towns, as first evidenced in her debut novel, Goodwood, and once again in this second novel. There’s a fragility at the core of her characters and an intimacy that adds depth to their quirks and peccadillos; there is such heart in her storytelling. Throsby has artfully used a true unsolved Australian mystery as a plot device and it works remarkably well here. Cedar Valley is written with an assured hand and is essential reading for those who like their Australian rural tales with a touch of mystery. Readers who loved Goodwood will find even more to love here.★★★★” – BOOKS + PUBLISHING

“What a ripping yarn. Holly Throsby’s second book is a page turner and then some . . .  What a joy to live in Cedar Valley for a spell. I loved this so much.” – ZAN ROWE

“For a novel that can be read on one level as a conventional detective story, Cedar Valley is bracingly alive to the complexities and ellipses of existence and to the novelist’s task to seize and transcribe life rather than to explicate it neatly. The unexplained death of a stranger is the conundrum around which the narrative coalesces, but Throsby understands that the greater mysteries are those that unfold quietly behind the closed doors of every small town. Her exceptional openness to the inscrutable lives and sensitivities of other people is what makes Cedar Valley feel so large and luminous, and it is also what drives the narrative forward, chapter after compulsive chapter.” – AUSTRALIAN BOOK REVIEW

“Ingenious . . . beautifully intertwined fact and fiction. Throsby has a way with all characters, whether primary or secondary, and is able to pin down in just a few choice words their innate driving force . . . Cedar Valley is a sweet and sad ode to loss in all its guises.” – THE AUSTRALIAN

“Holly Throsby’s Cedar Valley is another triumph from this brilliant storyteller . . . Every character in this novel is perfectly formed, and it’s a real pleasure getting to know both Benny and the eccentric and endearing locals. While some mystery stories set in small towns focus on the isolation or paranoia that can manifest in such places, Cedar Valley is delightfully different, focusing instead on the strong sense of community and connection between the townsfolk. It’s a town and a story with warmth and heart, and the mysteries at its centre will keep you guessing until the end. If you loved Goodwood, we just know you’ll love Cedar Valley, too.” – BETTER READING

“A charming and compelling tale of personal pain, long-held secrets and mystery, set amid gossip, innuendo and the inescapable fact that everyone seems to knows everyone else’s business in a small town. Throw in parallels with a real-life Adelaide mystery and Sydney author and musician Holly Throsby has concocted a page-turner with a distinct Aussie flavour. It’s a worthy follow-up to her acclaimed debut novel, Goodwood . . . If you can wait a few weeks, Cedar Valley would make a perfect Christmas holiday read.” – THE HERALD SUN

“Aficionados of Australian true crime may find particular resonance in the whydunnit here but the mystery is only part of a rich patchwork . . . [Cedar Valley] reflects on how a strange happening can tear at the delicate social fabric of a town but also how its strong communal spirit can go some way to fulfilling a person’s deepest longing. Originally known for her carefully crafted music, Throsby’s fiction debut, Goodwood, sparkled with humanity and descriptive power. Cedar Valley offers a smaller cast of characters but interesting new elements to the author’s prowess, not least a strong ear for dialogue and a knack for capturing the wry humour and laconic idiom of rural Australia. Throsby has talked of Cedar Valley as existing in the same fictional world as its predecessor, something akin to Kent Haruf’s Holt, Colorado novels or Thomas Hardy’s Wessex tales. By the end of the beautiful and humble Cedar Valley, you may yearn for another dot on the map of Throsby’s imagination.” – THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

Cedar Valley is enormously entertaining. It’s heartfelt and it’s thought provoking. Holly Throsby is creating these fantastic fictions of Australia, and shrouding them in mysteries that explore and reveal so much of who we are and who we have been. I loved it.” – ANDREW POPLE on 2ser’s TUESDAY BOOK CLUB

“In Cedar Valley Holly Throsby has crafted a quiet mystery which brims with the energy of its characters’ inner lives . . . What is wonderful about Cedar Valley is the sense of a complete community. Throsby keeps a skilful pace, checking in with the towns inhabitants, both old and new. She moves you along so well at the pace of the people of Cedar Valley that you do not realise straightaway the ways in which she is subverting the expectations of the small-town mystery . . . a very satisfying journey.” – READINGS MONTHLY

“[Cedar Valley] delivers in spades . . . Throsby’s rich characterisation left this reader feeling as though she’d made lifelong friends by the final page.” – SUNDAY TIMES (WA)

“This second novel is even richer than her first . . . Sometimes it is hard to imagine how a seemingly inconsequential death of an unknown person can have such as ripple effect on a small town. Cedar Valley shows the care, concern, support, intrigue and effective nature of communities, such as the endearing one represented on the pages of this novel. Throsby has extended herself and has provided readers with another profound small town Australian mystery novel. ★★★★” – MRS B’S BOOK REVIEWS

“A must-read. Holly Throsby’s Cedar Valley is equally engaging as her debut novel Goodwood. The solo musician, and member of the Seeker Lover Keeper project with Sarah Blasko and Sally Seltmann, has created a delightful page-turner – the perfect summer companion.” – BROADSHEET

“Compelling . . . immensely readable . . . Cedar Valley is a richly depicted novel . . . full of humorous details and pithy observations.  It’s hard to imagine anyone not liking this book.” – COMPULSIVE READER

“The second novel from beloved Australian singer-songwriter Holly Throsby, Cedar Valley opens and unfolds like a murder mystery, but it is really a love story— or its inverse: Cedar Valley is an unloved story . . . it is Benny Miller’s hunger for love that kept me reading.” – LOUD MOUTH

“Holly Throsby’s Cedar Valley is fantastic . . . The mystery of Benny’s mother and the unidentified man run parallel throughout the novel. Through many twists and turns Throsby weaves these two stories together, eventually coming to an excellent and unexpected ending.” – OSCAR & FRIENDS BOOKSELLERS

“Holly Throsby coolly carves out her own piece of real estate rich with gently nostalgic ’90s Australiana . . . The central mystery itself is actually less compelling than Throsby’s portrayal of grief and identity through 21-year-old Benny, as she navigates a community whose closed doors hide a nagging conservatism, disappointment and occasional misogyny . . . Throsby’s talent for affectionate, satirical portraiture is sharper the second time around with moments of real heart that make [Cedar Valley] difficult to leave.” – THE ADELAIDE REVIEW

“As someone who grew up in regional Australia, albeit in a larger population centre, I thoroughly enjoyed Cedar Valley. Holly Throsby writes with a dry wit and a keen eye for the characters and the town itself. In telling stories set in rural Australia authors can sometimes be guilty of condescension, to almost sneer at the quietness of rural life, Holly Throsby beautifully avoids this with a gentle wry affection for Cedar Valley and it’s residents.” – AUSTCRIME

“One of my favourite books in ages . . . An incredible little mystery . . . I absolutely loved it, and this is the novel I am going to be buying everyone at Christmas . . . [Cedar Valley] is such a worthy Book of the Month for us” – THE DYMOCKS BOOKS OF THE MONTH, OCTOBER 2018



“A meandering stream of textures that conjure their own world of dappled light and boundless hope. ★★★★” – ROLLING STONE

“Rich with emotional insight, touched by grace and buoyed by trust, it sounds and reads, and most importantly feels, like just what she needed to do and what we needed to have. ★★★★” – THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

“Even though After A Time has much more of a full-band energy than Throsby’s previous releases Team and A Loud Call, there’s a peacefulness to this album. It feels raw, honest and is easy to get lost in. . . Some critics have been calling this Throsby’s strongest album yet, and they might just be right.″ – THE BRAG

“Simple and gorgeous. ★★★★” – THE MUSIC

“Holly Throsby is one gifted human being.” – YEN

“Idiosyncratic, perfectly-crafted folk. . . May Throsby remain an omnipresent being of the musical realm.” – JUNKEE

“Throsby’s new songs are still lyrical. . . but there’s a new strength and energy in the music: the growly guitar that underpins ‘Mountain’, the double-tracked vocals that fatten up ‘Find Your Way Home’, the jazz-club dynamics of ‘Be You Lost’ and the duetting voice of Mark Kozelek in ‘What Do You Say?'” – The Sunday Times (UK)

“Throsby hasn’t yet made a poor record and After A Time is again majestic from start to finish. It may have been a long time coming but After A Time is well worth the wait. 9.5/10″ – X-Press

“Holly Throsby’s immersive new album, After a Time, is quietly electrifying” – STACK

“Shadowy. . . tender. . . understated. . . beautiful” – STEROGUM (US)

“Throsby’ voice blows as a zephyr through the tracks, tone rather than lyrics taking centre stage. The real instrument is your own mind. Take your troubles, your worries and your frustrations and set them to Holly’s soundtrack. Allow the peaceful calm to dampen their edges and emerge feeling more at one with yourself. Trust me, it can be quite a cathartic experience.” – MUSICAL MORON (UK)



goodwood-for-holly“The kind of big-hearted, emotionally bruising story that reminds you why you love fiction. . . Goodwood is many things: a satisfying and conscientiously constructed mystery, an affectionate but clear-eyed portrait of a time and a place, and a darkly lovely coming of age story. But most of all, it’s a complete revelation, the conjuring up of a sad, beautiful, indelible little world of its own.” – THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

“It has been a while since I lost a weekend to a debut novel. . . There is so much to enjoy about this book; my tip is that it will become a firm book club favourite. ★★★★★” – GOOD READINGS MAGAZINE

“So finely observed. . . with laconic wit. . . a nuanced portrayal of hidden truths in tight knit communities.★★★★☆ ” – BOOKS & PUBLISHING

“Goddamn brilliant. This funny-sad mystery about growing up, missing persons and dark truths about your neighbourhood will gently, gorgeously demolish you.” – BENJAMIN LAW

Goodwood is gripping, moving, often funny and written with a sure ear for Australian country-town vernacular. Very good.” – MARK COLVIN

“Stunning. . . a distinctly Australian coming-of-age story. . . balancing carefully evoked dread with genuine warmth, it’s an assured and singular debut.” – THE BIG ISSUE

“Lyrical without being abstruse, colloquial without being contrived. Her characters, while familiar, are nuanced and authentic, and her depiction of small-town life is bang-on in both its endearing and suffocating ways. . . the close-knit cast of characters, the power of gossip as currency, even small details. . . all ring remarkably true.” – READINGS MONTHLY

“A little bit Twin Peaks and a little bit Picnic and Hanging Rock, Goodwood is a terrific, thoroughly Australian novel. . . [Throsby] proves she has yet another string to her extraordinary creative bow” – WOMEN’S WEEKLY

“[Goodwood’s] quiet dreamy pace is undercut by a dark sense of foreboding… strong and captivating. . . the tale’s country setting [is] so vividly brought to life” – VOGUE

“Throsby proves herself as a deft hand at literary prose as the world she builds around her teenage narrator in this book is so vivid it can occasionally feel more like fact than fiction. . . Goodwood is wonderfully lush and well-realised. . . The intrigue slowly builds to the point where the urge to learn the truth about the disappear­ances becomes overwhelming. The ending does not disappoint.” – THE AUSTRALIAN

“A lyrical, rolling ballad of a small country town hit with a one/two punch of grief and a one/two punch of burgeoning sexuality for the story’s narrator, seventeen year old, Jean Brown. The characters are rich and myriad, from family and friends, neighbours, shopkeepers and barflies. All are beautifully realised. . . Refrain and reprise are used brilliantly in a composition that’s rich in rhythm with a melodic tone conceived from a keen imagination, an observant eye and a fine ear for idiom and the colloquial.” – SYDNEY ARTS GUIDE

“The portrait of small town life is given a deep richness by Throsby, in this her first novel, presenting a very readable, enjoyable, quirky, slightly wry look at the many, many characters you will find in any town, on any given day, pretty much anywhere in the world, let alone Goodwood, somewhere in Australia.” – BLUE WOLF REVIEWS

“Even as Throsby ratchets up the fear factor, she writes with an observant, gentle humour, displaying an awareness and affection for tiny-town idiosyncrasies. Despite the dark undertow, Goodwood is feel-good fiction.” – QANTAS MAGAZINE

“The small town of Goodwood is rocked when two locals disappear in this chilling, evocative and buzzed-about debut.” – WHO WEEKLY

Goodwood is a sharp, well written and charming novel. . . Although the book can be dark in nature. . . there is a multitude of colour underlying the paragraphs.” – THE AU REVIEW

“So much truth, so much aching and pain by humour. What a wonderful book. I can see the Australian novelist continuum from Patrick White and Thea Astley in her explicit representation of the character of Australians in regional towns. Others have compared Throsby with Tim Winton.  I hope she is writing another book.” – LINDY MORRISON in LOUD MOUTH

“The town of Goodwood is so well-created that it almost becomes a character. The townsfolk. . . become a kind of single organism, with the distinctive neuroses, a particular vernacular, and the way the town collectively navigates between the un-ease caused by the missing people and the familiarity and domesticity of their daily lives. . . The shock of those events is a catalyst here for deeper explorations of what lurks below the surface and how we create meaning in our lives in this tender, rich, and deeply enjoyable book.” – COMPULSIVE READER

“[Goodwood is] very, very readable. I devoured it in a couple of sittings…thoughtful and authentic. . . these portraits were outstandingly done. Top reading indeed.” – FAIR DINKUM CRIME

“The first half of Throsby’s book promises a delayed sort of coming of age story about the ties we share amongst the people living amongst us, the inescapable interconnectivity of small townships and the way a death or vanishing sends ripples through a community. But it is equally an insight into the personal goings-on and formative queries of protagonist Jean, who must process the central mystery while also calibrating her sense of reality and emerging bisexuality. . . If you put Goodwood side-by-side with some of the more obvious choices of queer youth canon, it offers an alternative to the masculinist narratives that have dominated Australian queer fiction.” – KILL YOUR DARLINGS

“I don’t usually recommend fiction but I have just read Holly Throsby’s Goodwood and it is simply the best, gentlest, most amusing description of life in an Australian country town. . . It is subtle, witty, wise. . . Where, too often, satire and sarcasm are the usual tools employed to describe rural life, Throsby employs extraordinary perceptiveness and an attention to detail which evokes a country town in all its complexity – its closeness, the familiarity of the locals, the quirkiness of daily rituals and the essential goodness and decency of the people.” – BRUCE ELDER in a mail out from AUSSIE TOWNS


REVIEWS FOR TEAM Holly Throsby Team

“Deep intensities and stormy, mood-driven ideas. Team is remarkable, choral and kind of medieval much of the time. Somehow Holly Throsby makes uncertainty inclusive and warm and very, very appealing”

“Without fuss or obvious flourish, Throsby is turning into one of the best lyricists we have. She sings to you as if your heads are leaning against each other, so you hear her voice through her skin rather than through your ears. ★★★★”

“10 sad, yet beautifully restrained songs, whose intimacy grows with each hearing. ★★★★” – THE SUNDAY TIMES (UK)

“A rare jewel, [Throsby’s] breathy intonations are stoked with deft, rustic accompaniment creating songs as delicate and ornate as a folky Faberge egg.

“An absolutely, painfully beautiful piece of work” – MESS + NOISE

Team is a triumph of the intimate, the subtle and the deatailed. A moody masterpiece” – ROLLING STONE

“‘Here Is My Co-Pilot’ is one of the songs of the year, for me, no matter what delights emerge in the next five months. Perhaps of any year. Team [goes] far beyond alt.whatever towards the rarefied atmospheres inhabited by otherworldly beings with names like Kate Bush, Jane Siberry, Joanna Newsom and Mimi Goese. 8/10″

Team shows a more assured, a more nuanced Throsby; a broader perspective. A beautifully constructed set of ten songs. Her most difinitive statement yet.

Team is a great headphones record. While its organic instrumentation may leave you with a first impression of minimalism, the intricate layering and looping of Throsby’s vocals in its myriad pitches is complex and intriguing. Throsby is at the top of her game. Verdict: Sublime body of work” – THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

“Enchantingly savvy in its nude, unshowy sorrow, shot through with welcome flavours of levity, Team is an album that could soothe in the most cynical of fractured romantics. 8/10″ – WEARS THE TROUSERS (UK)

“The music and arrangements are certainly stranger and more intricate than ever, full of vocal layers and stuttering loops that evoke things like music boxes and clockwork mechanisms. But Team is particularly interesting because it manages to be both forthright and ambiguous; confessional and oblique. These layers of meaning are reflected in the layered vocals that dominate several songs, seemingly functioning as a way of introducing different voices and perspectives. These are eternal themes in songwriting but there are few people who can write about them so well.”

“Sophistication…timelessness…homespun truths, both familiar and unique. [Team is] claustrophobic, sweet, sad and filled with minutia. Throsby’s is a world worth visiting.” – THE MUSIC NETWORK

“Holly Throsby is the genuine article and Team is strong evidence of it. Utterly compelling…effective, frightening in a most beautiful way” – THE CANBERRA TIMES

Team is a study in hushed, eerie contrasts. Yes, these are often songs of great sadness, but also great strength and resolve. Throsby is an elegant and singular  wordsmith. Whether one regards her music as neo-folk or bare-bones, stripped-down pop, listening to her latest album makes one thing abundantly clear: she is one of the best singer/songwriters Australia has.★★★★☆” – TOM MAGAZINE

“Arguably Throsby’s finest work to date, Team is a luscious and elegant listening experience. Experimental, vivid, majestic and capturing a startling sense of derailment. An early contender for album of the year” – ABSOLUTE PUNK

“Curated through a beautifully delicate aesthetic, Team is effortlessly, disarmingly romantic. Every lyric and idea infused with rich sentiment in a record that bears a unique intimacy bound to resonate beyond first impressions.” – BEAT

“Throsby is the most consistent Australian female vocalist of the past decade and Team is another step forward in creating a bank of songs that drip with emotion and grace.” – X PRESS

Team is a reflection on relationships of rare maturity. It glides easily from sparse laments to gorgeous string-laden numbers. Drummer Bree van Reyk is graceful and considered, her percussion adding a rustic, almost clockwork naïve charm to the record. Multi-instrumentalist Jens Birchall offers subtle but critical details. Both are invaluable; [and] equally critical is Tony Dupé’s production, which blends the wood-tones of acoustic instruments with Throsby’s velvety whisper to create a lush, intimate atmosphere. It’s easy to be transported by the feathery texture of her voice, but her way with words is her true strength. Throsby’s emotional insight, unshakable hope and gentle wisdom, coupled with artful lyricism, make for a rare and powerful songwriter” – FASTER LOUDER

“Strings plink and rhythms tick-tock as her voice dances around in echoing fugues. Cosy word, team. Holly Throsby’s fits under a large blanket where small sounds flicker and grow like shadows in candlelight” – THE AGE

“Incredible, so intense, so much light and shade. Team is brilliant. Throsby is a true talent.” – ELEVEN MAGAZINE

“Holly Throsby sits fair and square in that lo-fi corner of the room from whence strange, mysterious, slightly mystical noises emerge. There are what seem to be infinite layers of sound and voice so that on each listen you hear something new and after each listen you can never be sure you’ve heard everything. This is an album to properly concentrate on and, as ever, concentration will be rewarded. 3/4”

“Holly Throsby has assembled a catalogue of sketches so tender and candid it’s akin to overhearing her most intimate musings. Team adds a fresh dynamic – her strongest set of songs yet. It crafts a rich timbre of voice, guitar, strings, textures and artefacts.”

“Vocally, Holly Throsby wields her own special control. It is hers. The arrangements are free-spirited and unpredictable, reigned in by dainty plucking and piano, only to prance out again. Team is a curious title for a solo record, but it’s apt: Holly is singing to her shadow, the pair of them forming and decoding whispered secrets as she goes, oft-times bleating responses to her own husky questions from the background. Listening to Team is a splendid spectator sport. 3/4″ – MX

“It only takes two songs for Holly Throsby to re-establish herself in the upper echelon of Australian singer/songwriters. The one-two, velvet-hammer punch of ‘What I Thought of You’ and ‘It’s Only Need’ whisk us into a world of miners, crows, iron lungs, soldiers and needy, accidentally greedy lovers. Throsby lets her voice glow like an ember.”

“Warm and haunting. Beautiful melodies exist in every nook, some only revealved after several plays” – MEN’S STYLE

“Sophisticated, echoing chills. Throsby continues to excel with each release and Team finds her at her most compelling.” – SHOUT OUT MUSIC

“Throsby’s aptly titled fourth record is brimming with team themes – soldiers, co-pilots, bees, miners, even tables and chairs. Folk guitar, vintage piano and  overlapping vocals, which go from playful innocence to pensive reflection within beats.” – NEWCASTLE HERALD

“Beautiful, expansive, emotive. Surging lyrics, moulded exquisitely. Holly Throsby is thriving. 8/10” – THE AU REVIEW



“One of the most captivating family music albums I’ve heard this year. Impressionistic, dreamy… delightful in ways big and small. Definitely recommended.” – ZOOGLOBBLE

See! is gorgeous. Dubbed the ‘black sheep’ of children’s albums, I would instead refer to it as the brightest star in the sky.” – WEB CHILD

“Wow. Wow again. In fact, make that wow cubed. I love this album. Standby for effusive praise. Exceptional… addictive…beautifully giddy…spot-on for kids… supurb.” – BABYOLOGY

“Throsby’s addictive and nurturing voice is perfect for an album of this sort. A warm and bubbly dedication to all things invoking child wonderment. My three-year-old niece happily gives See! her stamp of approval.” – TIME OFF

“Curious…spirited and sprightly…exuberant. It’s rather tough to imagine an artist more suited to such an undertaking” – BEAT

“A rich colourful quilt of an album embroidered with fresh harmonies and quirky sound effects. Little sayings from childhood feature throughout, from ‘Can I Do That Too?’ to the spoken corrections in ‘Fish and Mice’. My children keep singing along to ‘The Seasons’ and ‘Hello Tiger’ and I can’t help but join them. As a reviewer I get to listen to plenty of CDs, but this is my all-time favourite.” – SUNNY DAYS

“A chorus of children singing along to the cute as a button ‘Diamonds Are So Shiny’ is a highlight as is the catchy as a dose ‘Putt Putt’. Throsby’s foray into a different demographic is bound to make the summer holidays more bearable as See! drowns out the sounds of ‘are we there yet?’ coming from the back seat on many a car trip. ” – X PRESS

“Tigers, fish and mice, kooky sound effects and…the joyful cheers of wide-eyed children. [See!] is sure to tickle everyone’s fancy ” – SUNDAY HERALD SUN

“Ms Throsby’s children’s album works better than you’d imagine. ‘Hello Tiger’ (with Darren Hanlon) is a gem. ★★★★”- TIME OUT

“The hitherto serious young insect Throsby now sings of stars, diamonds and tigers, hits a pointed plosive p in ‘Putt Putt’, rattles a whole host of fun sounds in the foreground and puts up songs, several of which with a different turn of phrase could sit on one of her grownup albums. Score.” – THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

“Another manic Thursday morning. Kids finally in the car. Noise, noise, so much noise. I unwrap the new Holly Throsby CD. Finally, the kids are silent. Moral of the story? See! is a worthy investment in parental mental health. It’s wonderful”




“A fragile, quiet joy of a record. ★★★★” – MOJO”

Throsby has taken her music to a whole new level…with elegantly structured, delightful lyrical and musical understatement. ★★★★” (Album of the Week) – THE SUNDAY TIMES (UK)

“Hear, hear! ★★★★” – DAILY MIRROR (UK)

“No embellishments are needed when the words are as good, as preciously picked, bare and honest, as these. [A Loud Call] makes you want to lie back and look at the glowing stars. ★★★★ – THE AUSTRALIAN

“Engaging…enticing…infectious…evocative. ★★★★” – WEARS THE TROUSERS (UK)

“Superb lyricism and subtly rich, oaky instrumentation, effortlessly veering from bright folk pop to spare, almost ambient acoustic laments. ★★★★” – RAVE

A Loud Call positively bellows from the highest point. It is simply outstanding. ★★★★” – THE HUB

“This album sounds like finely blown glass. ★★★★” – J MAG

“A series of tunes touching on love, death and memory. Despite the hushed tone of Throsby’s voice, it’s one you won’t forget any time soon. ★★★★” – ADELAIDE ADVERTISER

“Tender, evocative, gently inquisitive. 8/10” -SUN HERALD

“[Throsby’s] intriguing, elliptical, cleverly-arranged songs carry some of the ambient hush of Low and the baleful longing of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy” – UNCUT

“Gorgeous, beautiful, incredibly intimate songs. One of the Australian albums of the year so far.” – MELBOURNE MAGAZINE (THE AGE)

“Brighter, livelier, more stunningly vivid. Holly Throsby has blossomed.” – THE VINE

“A pleasure. This album will course through the veins of those who hear it.” – SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

“This record is stunning.” – DRUM MEDIA

A Loud Call shimmers with hope, darkness and new levels of intimacy. The once reserved Throsby, who was seemingly afraid of her sheer talent, has blossomed.” – OYSTER MAGAZINE

“Throsby has produced some fine work in the past but this is her best by a long shot.” – BEAT



“Throsby’s writing delights in the quotidian – her yielding, half-spoken vocals investing poetic distillations with an elusive profundity. ★★★★” – MOJO

“This is kind of album you want to keep to yourself. Not because you don’t think others would feel the same way, but because after you’ve lived with it for a while Under the Town feels as if it were made just for you.” – THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

“Throsby’s carefully observed ideas and startling voice make the old feel new enough to make neck hairs stand on end, rapt.” – THE NEW YORK SUN

“Superior pastoral noodling, delicate acoustic twinkles and breathy fireside musings. Each tune is as absorbing and intimate as a watercolour miniature” – UNCUT

“Startling noir-like imagery, plaintive beauty, masterful gravitas, lasting truth” – MESS + NOISE

Under the Town represents the protest of romance against life’s ordinariness: small town, small life vignettes which have assumed greatness. Throsby reminds us that, if we would but look, we would see the fantastic all about us. ****½ 4½ stars” – ALTERNATIVE ULSTER (UK)

“Elegant, restrained, majestic. But gentle? Well, only if you’re not listening carefully. Love lost, found, or impending…these are dangerous waters. But sail them we must” – THE COURIER MAIL

“Like I-Spy-With-My-Little-Eye set to music, or painting pictures with notes and quavers, Under The Town is a breath of fresh air. I guarantee – whatever your mood – that for half an hour at least you’ll go to places you only dreamt of and wish you could stay there forever and a day. 8/10″ – DROWNED IN SOUND (UK)

“Sharper and yet more contemplative. Pretty and precious, durable and telling, it just might put a spell on you. 8/10 – THE SUN HERALD

“Throsby has constructed a set of tunes that pull you in closer and closer with each listen. Under The Town is undoubtedly one of the most enthralling listens of the year.” – X PRESS MAGAZINE

“Candor, intimacy and breathless delivery. A warm album for the depths of winter” – THE AGE

“Hypnotizes right from the opening line. Engaged with memory, immersed in vivid intimacies…an album full of quiet victories. ★★★★” – THE BRAG

“Throsby’s greatest strength still lies in her poetic turns of phrase, from the stark to the devastating” – THE MELBOURNE HERALD SUN

“Beyond the lilting exterior lies a disarming wisdom and subtlety. Throsby creates such an intense intimacy you may begin to feel like her confidante and lover. A sublime release, something quite precious” – HOT PRESS

“Touching on death, childhood and memory, with sparse instrumentation, delicately played piano and string arrangements worthy of Dirty Three maestro Warren Ellis. Melancholy romanticism tempered by youthful optimism” – THE WEST AUSTRALIAN

“Throsby’s voice is uniquely intoxicating. A winter album made to curl up with” – THE DRUM MEDIA

“Throsby’s is one songwriter who captures what the Portuguese call saudade, a feeling of longing that is too elusive to control and too fatalistic to fathom. Under the Town is a record of the year contender” – SYDNEY OBSERVOR



“Songs which feel like they have been constructed in the smallest and most solitary space. This is a sound of its own. ★★★★”  – ROLLING STONE

“A thing of quiet, luminescent beauty that gently works its way into the bloodstream. ★★★★” – THE COURIER MAIL

“Throsby sings with a knowing intimacy, like all her songs are enclosed in a secret, special place. She sings and songs shimmer gently in the morning half-light. This is something quite special” – EVERETT TRUE in PLAN B (UK)

“Brimful of candid, poetic disclosures delivered with a spare, Raymond Carver-like intimacy…an irrefutably original voice” – MOJO

“Lyrics resonating like the economic precision of a poem. Beautiful, fragile…a real pleasure. ” – THE AUSTRALIAN

“Riddled with poignant lyrical twists, a pinch of dry humour and subtle instrumental flourishes” – UNCUT

“A rich vein of intimate, close to the ear and even closer to the skin music, laced with a clear but never overstated sadness. Don’t be scared by the rawness, though; it’s done with restraint. And, like everything else on this album, it’s done with grace, intimacy and an awareness that, while sometimes you just want to be soothed, caressed or laid down gently, it doesn’t mean you don’t want to feel” – THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

“Picked guitar, wistful brass, strings and lilting piano. The album is a gem” – THE HERALD SUN

“Simultaneously girlish and world weary. Pretty wistfulness and confessional songwriting with the spare ghostliness of Will Oldham lurking at the edges. A – ” – BARRY DIVOLA in WHO WEEKLY

“Fragile, dark, yet oddly life-affirming” – BRISBANE TIME OFF


“Songs set under the bright full moon, delivered over the barren backdrop of broken guitars and dusty piano. 8/10”   – DROWNED IN SOUND (UK)

“A delicious frisson of intimacy…this album feels bizarrely redemptive. We are left divested of our illusions, liberated. It is some kind of victory” – ALTERNATIVE ULSTER (UK)

“A songstress with literary depth of a novelist who looks into the eye of love and its social circles. Beautiful, restrained, right on target, so direct.” – NEUMU.NET (US)

“A series of perfectly structured tunes that combine achingly introspective lyrics with subtle melodic changes. Throsby is really pushing the barrow of world-class female singer/songwriters in this country. Fittingly, this album is one that just grows more special with each listen. ★★★★”  – THE BRAG

“A voice to sooth savage beasts” – THE ADVERTISER