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On tour with The Tallest Man on Earth in Antwerp, Belgium, 2009.

Performing 'See!' at the Opera House for Vivid Sydney.

Performing See! at the Opera House for Vivid Sydney, 2015.




singing somewhere

Playing at the old Troubadour, Brisbane













London, 2009




ht & jp

With Josh Pyke at The Palais, Melbourne, 2012.




Playing the live soundtrack to the surf film, Last Hope, at Perth Festival, 2010. Photo by Anthony Tran.




The Grace Emily, Adelaide, many moons ago.

TWHTW live shot

They Will Have Their Way tour, 2011. Left to right: Alex Gow, me, Sally Seltmann, Sarah Blasko, Paul Dempsey, Clare Bowditch, Lior.

buskng for change

‘Busking For Change’ at the Annandale. Indigenous Literary Project fundraiser with Josh Pyke & Boy and Bear.









Venue posters with my face in Sweden, 2006.


Breakfast in England with Hollie (Tiny Ruins) and Jordan (The Middle East) on our UK/Europe tour, 2012.




On tour in Glasgow with Micah P. Hinson & Dawn Landes, 2006.


The Hello Tigers, in their See! outfits at Sydney Festival.


A backstage tent somewhere with my old mate, Darren Hanlon.

SLK tour

The day of our first Seeker Lover Keeper show, Newcastle. Left to right: Jim White, Dave Symes, Sarah Blasko, Sally Seltmann.




LJ & b

Laura Jean & Bree on the second Seeker Lover Keeper tour at St Joseph’s church, Perth.


Friends & countrymen at The Republic Bar, Hobart.

Dave Pajo at the church we played in, Philadelphia, USA, 2006.

Taking a break from playing shows with Hayden at his cottage in Ontario, Canada, 2005.

me & joanna

With Joanna Newsom at Bangalow Community Hall, NSW, 2008.

Backstage at The Metro, Sydney, with Jens and Bree on the M. Ward tour.

Andrew Bird at Spunk Rock!, 2008.

joanna & bill

Joanna Newsom & Bill Callahan backstage at the Byron Bay Community Centre, 2005.

blaz mick harvey

Backstage at the Espy for a Rockwiz show, 2007. My duet partner, Dave Faulker, chatting; Sarah showing Mick Harvey a Paul McCartney gatefold.



St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, Sydney.

selling merch w rennie

Selling merch with Rennie Sparks from The Handsome Family on our UK tour. This is at Bush Hall, London, 2009.

Drying the ink on my Under The Town comic books backstage in Lisboa, Portugal.

On tour with The Drones, Torino, Italy.

john gallipoli

John Lee (Mountains in the Sky, New Buffalo) with the various tour posters for our Gallipoli Club show, Newcastle. New Buffalo tour, 2005.

Singing ‘Would You?’ with Jack Ladder at the Vanguard, Sydney.