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Tony Dupe at the Meadow Chruch in Wildes Meadow, NSW, where we recorded See! and Team.


The church at sunset.

This is where we tracked most things.

Bree’s bells and metal for ‘It’s Only Need’.

This is where my dog, Jones, liked to sit during my guitar & vocal takes.

Our next door neighbours.


Burke Reid mixing songs from Team at BJB in Sydney. Jens listening.


Mark Nevers recorded A Loud Call at his house in Nashville.

Bree playing accordion on ‘Now I Love Someone’.

Matt Swanson played bass, Bree played drums.

Singing ‘Would You?’ with Bonnie.

Jens at Tony’s house in the Kangaroo Valley where we did some extra recording for A Loud Call. Jens played cello & mandolin.

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Saddleback Mountain, where we recorded On Night & Under The Town.





Tony overdressing for the occasion. Recording Under The Town.



jack ladder

Jack Ladder played bass on Under The Town. Here he is outside Tony’s cottage/studio.