Happy new year

Jan 26 2016

It’s been a long time since there was new news to report, but that will all be changing in the next year. Stay tuned. In the meantime, this website is now updated and functional! Has anyone visited here in the past two years and thought, “Why do none of the photos on the pictures page work? Why are they just question marks in squares?” The answer is that that was a metaphor for our human existence. But they’re all working now, so best not to think about it too much.

Dress Up Attack at Vivid Sydney

Jun 09 2015

We had a great time performing See! at the Opera House for Dress Up Attack / Vivid Sydney. Thanks to all the kids who danced up front and sang along. I’m sorry I forgot to order any CDs to sell, please head to iTunes and purchase your little buddy a copy. It’s great for a long drive. Here’s a photo by Chloe Goldsmith, a friend of the Hello Tigers. See you again sometime soon.

Performing 'See!' at the Opera House for Vivid Sydney.


Mar 30 2015

I am taking part in a panel discussion as part of Sydney Writers’ Festival called The Anatomy Of A Kids’ Song, in which Murray Cook (the original red Wiggle), Justine Clarke, and I will discuss how we have written songs for children, and play some for you as well.
This is not where I imagined myself, but here I am and I like it.


Mar 25 2015

I am happy to be featured in the new book, Motherhood & Creativity, by Rachel Power. It has interviews with amazing women, including Claudia Karvan, Rachel Griffiths, Clare Bowditch, Del Kathryn Barton and many more. As the title faithfully suggests, we all have a chat about what it’s like to be a mother, and creative. I feel good about this, especially considering the last book I was in was all about drugs. Visit your local bookstore in April and have a read.


Dec 11 2014

After an extremely long break – in which I rested, among other things – I am going to be playing a solo show as part of Adelaide Fringe. It’s called The Secret Garden Party at the Turkey Flat Winery in the Barossa Valley on March 15, 2015. Tickets are on sale now and details are on the shows page. I look forward to seeing your friendly South Australian faces.


Apr 14 2013

As part of Sydney Writers’ Festival, my pal Darren Hanlon & I are going to be discussing our approach to songwriting with 2SER‘s music director, Andrew Khedoori. The event is called ‘2SER In Conversation’ and it will take place on May 23 at The Green Room in Enmore. It’s free, but space is limited, so you do need to reserve a spot. More information is here.


Mar 11 2013

I’m going to be talking about the practical side of being a musician at the upcoming installment of the workshop series, I Manage My Music. This one will be in Sydney, at UTS, on April 6. My old primary school buddy, Josh Pyke, will be talking too. It’s quite hard making a living as a musician. You have to write songs, record them, and tour them for ages. And there are serious overheads -like paying heaps of people, and keeping oneself awash with beer and overpriced illicit drugs. So if you’re interested in a How-To for balancing your musical chequebook and conquering the world, I hope I can steer you in the direction of someone who has the answer. ROFLz! No, seriously, it’s going to be readily informative.

SEE! returns to arts centre melbourne

Dec 12 2012

Hello to all the children & families of Melbourne. Since we had such fun playing the songs from See! at the Melbourne Arts Centre earlier this year, we’re going back next March to do it all again. The Hello Tigers & I will play two shows on March 17 (11am & 12.30pm) in The Famous Spiegeltent. Tickets are on sale now! More details are here.