march 2012 australian tour

Jan 25 2012


Jan 24 2012

Our Belgium & Netherlands tour dates are now all up on the shows page. An extra show has been added in Amsterdam – I will be opening (with Bree van Reyk accompanying me on drums & such) for Gavin Friday at Paradiso on February 19.

see you soon, europe

Jan 23 2012

australian march tour

Jan 18 2012

Well, it’s been a busy time these past 8 months. There were two Seeker Lover Keeper tours, the ‘They Will Have Their Way’ concert series, our inaugural See! shows for Sydney Festival, our upcoming UK & European tour in February and, just to finish things off for the time being, I am very pleased to announce that The Hello Tigers and I are doing one last Australian tour in March, before I sit down for a while and work on some new things.

This is our first headline tour in a year, and we plan on playing songs from all the various albums, in whichever order we deem appropriate. Dates & ticketing information are on the shows page. Please note that tickets go on sale on January 20. Supports will be announced very soon! We hope to see you at a show.


Jan 14 2012

Tiny Ruins, Jordan Ireland & I have added an extra show to our Spunk family UK & European tour – in Paris at Espace B on February 20. Dates & ticketing information for all our shows are here.

UK & European TOUR with tiny ruins & jordan ireland

Jan 05 2012

Greetings to those of you in the UK & Europe. I am pleased to announce that I am coming over to your shores in February with two other antipodean friends from the Spunk Records family. Me, Tiny Ruins, and Jordan Ireland (formerly of The Middle East) will be playing 10 shows, to warm your heart a bit in the depths of winter. Don’t worry, we have lined coats. I will be bringing the always excellent Bree van Reyk, who will accompany me on drums & other instruments. Dates and ticketing information are on the shows page.


Dec 15 2011

Our 11am See! show at Melbourne Arts Centre next March has sold out, lightening quick, so we have decided to play another show on the same day – Sunday, March 11 – at 12:30pm, so more kids can come along. We have also decided to play an extra show that evening too, at 5:30pm, for grown up people who like albums such as Team or On Night, for example. So if you are a child, or a grown up, and would like more information, you can visit here and be hopefully you will be satisfied.

‘SEE!’ at melbourne arts centre

Dec 06 2011

For kids & families living in the fine city of Melbourne, I am pleased to announce that me and my band, The Hello Tigers, will be presenting See! as a live show next March at the Famous Spiegeltent, which will be parked outside the Melbourne Arts Centre. Tickets are on sale now & selling quick so best get to it. More information can be found here.

Thanks to everyone who came along to our Seeker Lover Keeper shows in the past couple of weeks, and to Bree van Reyk and Dave Symes for being our excellent rhythm section. We had a great time singing in all those churches and cathedrals. For those of you in America, the UK & Europe, our album will be released on your shores shortly, so keep an ear out.