more on cedar valley

If you’re from Adelaide, you may enjoy this piece on Cedar Valley (and its Adelaide connections) from The Adelaide Review.

And thanks to Better Reading for their lovely review: “Set in the same world as her critically acclaimed debut Goodwood . . . Holly Throsby’s Cedar Valley is another triumph from this brilliant storyteller. . . Every character in this novel is perfectly formed, and it’s a real pleasure getting to know both Benny and the eccentric and endearing locals. While some mystery stories set in small towns focus on the isolation or paranoia that can manifest in such places, Cedar Valley is delightfully different, focusing instead on the strong sense of community and connection between the townsfolk. It’s a town and a story with warmth and heart, and the mysteries at its centre will keep you guessing until the end. If you loved Goodwood, we just know you’ll love Cedar Valley, too.”

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