Oct 12 2011

I woke up to the exciting news that See! has been nominated for Best Children’s Album in this year’s ARIA Awards. It’s nominated alongside a stalwart from my own childhood, Play School, and the coloured-clothed men who have won many a child’s heart in recent years, The Wiggles. I remember one time when I was five, I got into an elevator with my mum and Benita was in there. I almost wet myself. Today feels a little bit like that day.

In other exciting news, Seeker Lover Keeper has been nominated for Best Adult Alternative album, a category with an unfortunate title, but we are in good company alongside Grinderman, The Panics, Boy & Bear and Little Red. Given the disparity between these nominations I’m not sure what to wear today, but I think overalls are a good middle ground.

seeker lover keeper – heavenly sounds tour

Sep 19 2011

Sarah, Sally & I are very happy to announce that we’ll be doing one last Seeker Lover Keeper tour before we go into the hibernation that comes with our various new solo projects. We will be visiting most capital cities, starting November 21, and this time every show will be in a beautiful church or cathedral. David Symes will be returning on bass and Bree van Reyk (of the Hello Tigers) will be on the drums. Tickets go on sale next Tuesday, and more information is available here.


Sep 08 2011

If you would like to listen to some songs, there are now selections from all my albums at bandcamp. I’m really into bandcamp. It’s attractive and clean. Plus they don’t bombard you with ads or spam. Sometimes the best way to the future is via the past. Anyway, also relevant to the topic of ‘online streaming’, I officially closed my myspace page yesterday, in favour of my new friend, bandcamp. I’d forgotten I had a myspace page but, once I remembered, I could not bear to look at its difficult interface for a second longer. The human impulse towards spring cleaning is more than just a spoke in our seasonal cycle.


Sep 06 2011

My stint as Writer In Residence at the Booranga Writers’ Centre is now taking place in the month of October. As part of this, I will be playing a free show at the Wagga Wagga Museum of the Riverina, at the Botanic Gardens site, at 1pm on October 22nd. Bree van Reyk will be accompanying me on percussion, accordion, and whatever else we can fit in the car. I will also be holding a songwriting workshop for budding musicians (or high-flying executives who feel like a change of pace). This will take place on Sunday, October 23rd, at the Booranga Writers’ Centre at 2pm. If you are interested in attending, please email the good people at