May 23 2016

It’s been a while since I have released any music. But there is a good reason for this! I have been busy working on a new project and, now that it is all done, I am very excited to announce that my first novel is being published by the good people at Allen & Unwin on September 28. It’s called Goodwood, and I hope you will enjoy reading it. Here is its handsome cover:

Goodwood DRAFT cover

mailing list

May 05 2016

Is it that, much like Aerosmith, you don’t wanna miss a thing? Well now you don’t have to. If you join the mailing list I will send you a letter when some new things are happening. I will attempt to make it as entertaining as it will be informative.


May 04 2016

Recording has slowly begun for my new album. I have assembled a positively dream band, featuring Bree van Reyk on drums, Joseph Leonard on bass, and Mick Turner (Dirty Three) on guitar. I am thinking of inviting some other people along too, and then we’ll see what happens. It’s been five years since Team came out so I am very excited to be back in the studio.

Stay tuned for some exciting news of another project that I have been working on these past few years. Coming soon!

b mick joe

Bree, Mick & Joe having a laugh.