Cedar Valley

Jun 03 2018

I am very excited to announce that my second novel, Cedar Valley, is coming out on September 26 via the good people at Allen & Unwin. Set a year later (1993) in a town nearby Goodwood, this is not a sequel but a kind of ‘companion’ to my first novel, and a completely standalone story. I thoroughly enjoyed writing it, and I hope you enjoy reading it too. You can find more information about Cedar Valley here. Thank you to Sandy Cull at gogoGinko for the awesome cover.



Mar 02 2018

Thanks to everyone has written asking where they can buy actual physical copies of music. I love records and CDs, so I can relate. For See! on new-release softpack CD with lyric booklet, or for After a Time on 12″ vinyl, visit my bandcamp. I can sign them before posting, if you so desire.

happy new year

Jan 10 2018

I am taking a break from music and locking myself away in order to write another novel. May you all be safe and well as we embark on a new year. If you’re looking for something to do with your spare time, I would suggest mindfulness meditation and after dinner exercise. A great book to read (my favourite of 2017) is Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders. And find yourself a good magnesium supplement. Cheerio.


Dec 07 2017

I’m sorry to say that I am sick with pneumonia, and sadly I have had to cancel my performance at Fairgrounds Festival this Saturday. Luckily, my bestie Sally Seltmann is going to be taking my place. She will be a treat for all in Berry. My apologies to all.

Australian Music Prize

Dec 06 2017

I am very happy that After a Time has been longlisted for this year’s Australian Music Prize. It’s a fantastic longlist, including some of my favourite records of the past year. Thanks to all the judges.

thank you

Nov 12 2017

Thanks to everyone who came along to a show on my solo tour. I had a great time playing songs and having a laff. I shall see you all for more musical endeavours when the feeling arrives.

The Singing Skies

Oct 10 2017

I am very pleased to have The Singing Skies opening at all my NSW solo shows. The Singing Skies is led by songwriter Kell Derrig-Hall (Moonmilk) and he makes beautiful music. You can read reviews of his new record here at Rolling Stone, or here is one from the Sydney Morning Herald’s Bernard Zuel. Or just have a listen on Soundcloud. Tickets are on sale now via the LIVE page.

postal survey for marriage equality

Sep 19 2017

It’s a dark time for your pals in the LGBTQI community in Australia. You may even think you don’t have any pals in that community at all. But, statistically, unless you only know 9 people on earth, you definitely know some non-heterosexuals. Your family, colleagues, associates, people who serve you in shops, religious people, secular people, city people and good country folk, the old and the young. It is a big old spectrum of a world out there, and it is populated with humans who all feel love and fear and want happiness in their lives. I would like to live my life with the same rights afforded to straight people; and if you would like to read an article I wrote on same-sex marriage in 2013, here it is.